Zélian Dobigny

Position: Personal coach
Phone: 0489 52 02 22
Categories: Accompanying Seniors, Class, Gym Seniors, Medical Services, Personal Coaching, Sports Performance, Sports Performance

Z is a sports coach passionate about sport, health and nutrition. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, he specializes in physical transformation, fitness and care for the elderly. He places particular importance on health and is convinced that one of the keys lies in physical activity and diet. Its goal is to help you achieve your goals, but also to improve your well-being in order to make you stronger and more efficient. He continues to learn and train every day to be able to offer the best possible support in his coaching. This bodybuilding practitioner will help you precisely to achieve your ideal physique that you wish to gain muscle and/or lose fat. It will also give you ease in your movements, reduce your pain, improve your nutrition and your physical condition. This versatile sports coach listens to your needs and adapts to your requests.