Ania de Laminne

Position: Physiotherapist
Phone: 0498 01 05 93
Categories: Medical Services, Physiotherapy, Sport Massage, Sport Physiotherapy

Graduated from a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the ULB in 2020, I specialize in sports physio. I enjoy working on all aspects of physiotherapy, with a preference for orthopedic and sports-related pathologies. Listenning to the patient, I talk with him in order to set objectives to set up the most appropriate treatment. I make it a point of honor that the patient understands his pathology, his attack, his imbalances in order to give him more independence with respect to these, but also of his treatment.

Listening, active exercises and manual techniques are my favorite tools. I am also a physiotherapist for the Belgian national U18 rugby team IV, and have since been following different rugby teams at the Kituro club, when I am not playing myself. I offer a safe setting for all LGBTQIA+ people, do not hesitate to tell me your pronouns.