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Medical Bike Fitting

Medical Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is a scientific approach to customizing a cyclist’s position on his or her bike. The aim is to maximize comfort, performance and prevent injury. The process involves adjusting various bike components to match the rider’s unique dimensions and needs.

Why Bike Fitting is Essential

Bike fitting is essential for many reasons. First of all, poor posture on the bike can lead to chronic pain and injury, particularly in the back, knees and neck.

Correctly adjusting the rider’s position can prevent these problems and improve comfort over long distances.
Secondly, optimal positioning on the bike optimizes pedaling efficiency and power transmission, resulting in better performance and speed gains. For competitive cyclists, these improvements can make a real difference in races.

Finally, bike fitting plays a crucial role in preventing overtraining injuries. An ill-fitting position can increase stress on certain parts of the body, leading to long-term injury. By taking into account the cyclist’s physical characteristics and preferences, bike fitting helps minimize the risk of injury.

Who is Bike Fitting recommended for?

Bike fitting is recommended for all cyclists, whether novice or experienced, road or mountain. Every cyclist can benefit from a personalized fit to maximize comfort and performance, especially at CMC328’s facilities.


How is bike fitting carried out?

The bike fitting process is carried out by a fitting specialist, usually in a specialist bike store or bike fitting studio. The specialist works closely with the cyclist to understand his or her goals, injury history, preferences and physical limitations.
To this end, the Centre Médical la Couronne (CMC328), provides talented staff to assist you in making an assessment of the cyclist’s physical characteristics, including height, leg length, flexibility and mobility.
Next, the specialist adjusts key bike components, such as saddle height, handlebar angle, stem length and shoe cleat position.

During the process, the cyclist is invited to pedal on a roller or simulator to enable the specialist to observe and adjust the position in real time. Adjustments are made until optimal positioning is achieved, taking into account comfort, power and aerodynamics.
In conclusion, investing in professional cycling equipment can significantly enhance your cycling experience by offering greater comfort, improved efficiency, reduced risk of injury, increased confidence and customized configuration. If you’re serious about cycling, bike gear is a worthwhile investment that can help you get the most out of your bike and your outings.


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