Zélian Dobigny

Zélian Dobigny Coach Ixelles

Z is a sports coach passionate about sport, health and nutrition. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, he specializes in physical transformation, fitness and care for the elderly. He places particular importance on health and is convinced that one of the keys lies in physical activity and diet. Its goal is to help you […]

Arthur Brasseur

Arthur Brasseur Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Physio since 2017, I deepened my training by completing an additional Master’s degree in medicine and sports physio at UCL. I am passionate about sports in general, cycling and hockey in particular. I practiced for more than 10 years in competition. I put my experience at the service of my patients, the permanent search for […]

Quentin Mehaudens

Quentin Mehaudens Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Young, dynamic and motivated, I am attentive and concerned about the well-being of my patients. My support is versatile with the aim of finding the right treatment for each of them. The therapy aims to relieve pain, strengthen and improve the quality of life of my patients. In order to update and refine my knowledge […]