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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive treatment method designed to relieve pain, improve mobility and optimize the body’s functionality. It is suitable for a wide range of patients, from athletes and the elderly to individuals suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques, including joint manipulation, 

therapeutic massage, muscle-strengthening exercises, ultrasound therapy and many others. These methods are tailored to the specific needs of each patient, with the aim of promoting rapid and effective recovery.

Why and for whom? 

Because it offers a holistic approach to treatment, taking into account the body as a whole. It aims to treat the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction, rather than simply masking the symptoms. What’s more, physiotherapy can be a safe and effective alternative to drugs or surgery in many cases.

Anyone suffering from:

  • musculoskeletal pain
  • chronic back pain
  • sports injuries;
  • neck pain or arthritis.

can find relief through physiotherapy with us. 

But people with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy can also benefit from this treatment method.

How does a physiotherapy session work?

First, the therapist assesses the patient’s condition, carefully studying his or her medical history and carrying out physical tests. Next, a personalized treatment plan is drawn up, including specific exercises and manual therapy techniques. Physiotherapy sessions can be carried out in the office or at home, depending on the patient’s needs.


In conclusion, physiotherapy is a safe and effective treatment method for relieving pain and improving the body’s functionality. It is suitable for a wide range of patients and offers a holistic approach to treatment. If you suffer from musculoskeletal pain or need rehabilitation after an injury, physiotherapy may be the right solution for you.

Medical Services

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