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Personal Coaching

What’s Personal Coaching?

Personal sports coaching has become an essential practice in modern gyms, offering individualized, targeted support for fitness enthusiasts. This personalized approach optimizes participants’ results by providing them with tailor-made coaching.

How we do it?

At your first appointment, your coach will take the time to find out about your medical history and will also carry out a movement screening to establish a personalized program. Our coaches are experienced in working with all types of clients with very different goals. They will be there to guide you day by day towards your own performance.

Semi-private training can be another option if you’d like individual coaching but still want to benefit from group training to encourage and challenge you. Small group training remains specific to your personal goals, while being more cost-effective.

Suitable for :

  • Sport beginners;
  • Experienced athletes;
  • People with specific needs, such as post-rehabilitation fitness, weight loss, competition preparation, etc.


  1. Maximize results:

Personal sports coaching maximizes participants’ results by tailoring training to their specific goals. Using an individualized approach, coaches can identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, adjusting training programs accordingly and ensuring significant progress.

  1. Safety and injury prevention:

Personal trainers are trained to teach proper exercise techniques, reducing the risk of injury. They also carefully monitor posture and movement execution to ensure that each participant performs the exercises appropriately.


  1. Maintaining motivation:

Personal coaching offers constant support and an extra dose of motivation. Coaches encourage participants to persevere when they encounter obstacles, and celebrate with them every step of their progress, keeping them engaged and enthusiastic.

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