Marine Kovari

Marine Kovari Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Physiotherapist and manual therapist, my work approach is specific to each patient. I take care of athletes of all levels, pregnant women and / or after childbirth but also infants and children of all ages. I welcome you with pleasure at Crown Medical Center for a collaborative treatment that goes in the direction of your […]

Ania de Laminne

Ania de Laminne Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Graduated from a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the ULB in 2020, I specialize in sports physio. I enjoy working on all aspects of physiotherapy, with a preference for orthopedic and sports-related pathologies. Listenning to the patient, I talk with him in order to set objectives to set up the most appropriate treatment. I make […]

Arthur Brasseur

Arthur Brasseur Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Physio since 2017, I deepened my training by completing an additional Master’s degree in medicine and sports physio at UCL. I am passionate about sports in general, cycling and hockey in particular. I practiced for more than 10 years in competition. I put my experience at the service of my patients, the permanent search for […]

Quentin Mehaudens

Quentin Mehaudens Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Young, dynamic and motivated, I am attentive and concerned about the well-being of my patients. My support is versatile with the aim of finding the right treatment for each of them. The therapy aims to relieve pain, strengthen and improve the quality of life of my patients. In order to update and refine my knowledge […]

Juliette Dumesnil

Juliette Dumesnil Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Passionate about sport since childhood, Juliette will take care of you with dynamism and good humor. Specialized in sports physio and with her experience in hospitals, she will be able to take care of your injuries pre and post operative.

Marc-Antoine Marchand

Marc-Antoine Marchand Kinésithérapeute Ixelles

Passionate about sport and the human body, I quickly realized that physiotherapy was my calling. Paramount importance is attached to the patient, focusing on well-being and quality of life. Together, we define the objectives to be achieved. With two years of experience in private practice, physiotherapy sessions were conducted in neurology, orthopedics, and rheumatology. Prioritizing […]